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For over 10 years, Hands-on Holidays and Africatime Travel has been providing its clients with the opportunity to experience the picturesque country of South Africa through quality volunteer programs and tours that introduce them to wildlife projects in some of the safest areas of the country. Owned by Jinnie and Max Villani and ably assisted by their daughter, Barbara, Hands-on Holidays is a family owned operation that provides a personable volunteer experience from day one.

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If you want to play a part in making the world a better place then a local volunteering holiday is a good way to start.

Treat yourself to a hands-on experience with lion and cheetah cubs on a game farm in the North West Province. Spend your days feeding and grooming the cubs, going on anti-poaching patrols and enjoying game drives. Your tour operator will plan activities for your days off and you’ll be able to join any special projects the research facility is involved with while you’re there. From R 5500 per person per week. The chimpanzee project, operating from a game reserve in Mpumalanga, is available to volunteers but, due to health and safety precautions, you aren’t allowed to handle the chimps. You’ll spend your days monitoring the chimps behaviour, patrolling reserve fence lines, planting trees inside the enclosures and helping with chimpanzee vocalisation recording. Lectures are held each day to teach volunteers about the history of chimpanzees in Africa, environmental education and sanctuary management. From R 6 250 per week in basic accommodation, or from R 12 000 per week in a 5 star luxury hotel. Volunteer programmes with elephants, sharks, dolphins and monkeys are also available. Contact Hands-On Holidays on +27 (0)83 308 2461 or visit www.holidayssouthafrica.co.za


Are you an animal lover who is concerned about the future of our planet’s wildlife?
Our Hands-On Holidays programs offer you an all-inclusive, or budget, quality volunteering experience of a lifetime. You will learn more about what people are doing to protect precious species from human destruction. Travellers of all ages are invited to take part in truly wonderful holiday packages (no previous experience necessary), while interacting with wild animals in the heart of the bushveld or out on the deep blue sea. Some of the animals you may work with have been rescued from very unfortunate circumstances and some are providing for the future in breeding and research programs.    We also offer One-day and and Overland destinations.

We are making an effort to better the future, not only for the animals in South Africa, but we are doing a small bit to contribute to some of the needs of our people. We would like you to assist us here. A large percentage of the rural population in South Africa are lacking in education. South Africa is in the process of building new schools as well as upgrading existing schools in the rural areas. A good education is one of the most important factors to succeed in life, and reading is one of the most important factors in education. As a result, we at Hands-on Holidays are asking people to contribute books so that we can distribute them to needy libraries in the aformentioned schools.
Imagine a world without books. Well there are a lot of people who don’t have access to them. This is where you can help. All you need to do is contribute a book when you take part in one of our AMAZING HANDS-ON HOLIDAYS!!!
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