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Details of the package

Feeding and grooming the horses (you are not expected to “muck out” the stables).

Exercising the horses as well as lunging and backing of young horses (depending on your ability).

On occasions you will have the choice of witnessing veterinary procedures.

Tack maintenance and general care of the horses and yard.

Regular riding is a part of the program.

Riding lessons are given to inexperienced riders, as well as experienced people who have never had the opportunity of roughing it in the bush. It is vital that everyone participating on the trails must have had a minimum of 15 hours riding experience.

The nearby Game Reserve has many trails and if you are lucky you may see some big game such white rhino, giraffe, and hippo. Warthog, wildebeest, zebra, kudu, eland (the largest antelope in the world), and several other antelope species, as well as over 150 bird species are prevalent in the area.

Please note: this Game Reserve is not a Big 5 reserve so, without lions and elephant to worry about, the trail riders can enjoy an interesting and safe outing.


Shared backpacker-type accommodation

Shared bathroom facilities

All bedding provided
       About the house

The house is a typical farm house with a fully equipped communal kitchen.

All you do is the shopping and then enjoy the experience of eating what you really enjoy cooking.

Laundry services are available in town.

You will receive a lovely gift pack from        
Hands-on Holidays.
The Horse Rehabilitation Project

The prime objective of the Project is the on-going rehabilitation and re-schooling of abused and neglected horses that are rescued from the surrounding areas. These poor animals respond to love and human company. That is why we invite concerned people who love horses (minimum previous experience necessary) to spend a little of their time helping these wonderful creatures get well enough to be able to enjoy a good life. You will be living on a working horse farm deep in the hub of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. They are nestled between the Kruger National Park and the magnificent Drakensburg Mountains. The whole area is ideal for site seeing with many places of interest within close proximity.

The Project encourages a hands-on approach and is therefore a great opportunity for horse lovers to get valuable practical experience with horses and to support this worthwhile cause.

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