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       This project aims to introduce you to        marine and coastal environments,



  Activities include:




  The project is situated along South Africa's famous

           Garden Route, in one of the country's most         fashionable holiday resorts and beach-lover's         paradise.





 Not Included


        Your time off

            The working week on your Project is generally             Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm depending on             the activities of the day. Your weekends and             evenings are therefore at your leisure.

            Most activities require a signed indemnity form, so             we recommend a minimum age of 18 for program             participants.

           Your leisure activities can include:

            Please note: We will give you spending money that         covers the cost of most outings (one per week). It         also covers the cost of transport to and from the         airport. (only applies to All-inclusive offer)


You will receive a lovely gift pack from

Hands-on Holidays.


Marine Projects

Great White Shark Project


Cloaked in myth, misunderstanding and fear, this awesome animal remains a mystery to man. It is known however that sharks are intelligent and vulnerable, deserving sympathy and respect. Education helps people to lose the “Jaws” phenomenon and to gain the realisation that sharks are a complex and precious species, living in the water – doing their best to survive.

The dedicated Shark Project is a Responsible Tourism operation that sets the benchmark in its commitment to community development and upliftment. The project is deeply involved in the social, economic and environmental needs of its surrounding communities.

Are you ready to explore the world of sharks?

A good, adventurous attitude and an active outdoor lifestyle is essential! This is a unique opportunity to view the Great White Shark in its natural environment, either from a boat or from an underwater cage. On this project you’ll learn a lot about the Great White, and your knowledge will in turn assist in the conservation and research being undertaken to protect it.


       You will receive training in:






       Not Included:


           PLEASE NOTE: although every precaution is taken to             guarantee your safety, accidents can happen so             appropriate travel insurance is very important.



       You need to bring:


           *We will give you spending money that supplements               your pocket money.  

             (only applies to All-inclusive offer).


You will receive a lovely gift pack from

Hands-on Holidays.

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